High Profile Cases

Unrivaled Success In High-Profile, High-Stakes Cases

Criminal defense attorney Harvey Slovis is not afraid of the spotlight — in fact, he thrives in it. Based in New York City, he has defended some of today’s biggest celebrities and has a track record of success in cases with extensive media attention.

NY Mets Player Vicente Rosario Found Not Guilty Of Rape

Harvey Slovis represented Mets player Vicente Rosario who, along with three other players, was charged with raping a teenage girl in Port St. Lucie during spring training. Two of the defendants were convicted and sentenced to serve time. The other cut a deal and testified against Rosario. Despite that testimony, Mr. Slovis successfully argued that the girl was a voluntary participant and Rosario was found not guilty.

Defending Sean “Puffy” Combs, a.k.a. “Diddy”

On three separate occasions, Harvey Slovis has represented Sean “Puffy” Combs. In one case, Mr. Combs was charged with felony assault and was sentenced to only one day of anger management. In another, it was alleged Mr. Combs caused hearing damage by assaulting a man who inappropriately approached Combs’ girlfriend. Mr. Slovis was able to get the case dismissed.

The third, and most famous case, involved a shooting at a nightclub where Mr. Combs and his then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, were in attendance. Harvey Slovis was responsible for getting Mr. Combs released from jail, but later resigned from the case when he felt Combs was being badly advised by defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran.

Tommy Lee: “I Can’t Behave … So I Call Harvey Slovis”

Harvey Slovis successfully represented Tommy Lee after an incident in which Lee allegedly directed a racial slur toward a security guard, which resulted in a brawl. Mr. Slovis also successfully represented Lee on a parole violation. In fact, Tommy Lee has often worn a T-shirt that reads “I Can’t Behave … So I Call Harvey Slovis.”

Housekeeper Acquitted Of Murder Charges

Despite DNA evidence and a confession, Thomas Cordero, a nude housekeeper charged with killing one of his clients, was acquitted of murder after Harvey Slovis delivered a persuasive argument to the jury. Mr. Slovis convinced jurors that the police had elicited a false confession out of Cordero, who confessed solely out of fear for his own physical safety in police custody.

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