White Collar Crime

Representing Clients In New York And Nationwide

White collar crime is a broad category that encompasses criminal charges involving fraud, illegal business practices and organized crime. These complex charges are often brought after a lengthy, intrusive investigation and can carry severe penalties in both state and federal court.

Harvey Slovis is a strategic New York City criminal defense lawyer with the aggressive advocacy style clients need when they have been charged with serious white collar crimes. His track record of success in the courtroom illustrates his unique ability to craft and deliver persuasive defense arguments in even the most high-profile, high-stakes cases.

Fearless White Collar Defense Representation

For more than 30 years, Harvey Slovis has been advocating on behalf of individuals facing criminal charges. His ability to distill evidence into clear explanations that juries understand and believe helps him effectively represent clients facing a wide variety of white collar charges, including:

When your financial security, reputation and freedom are on the line, you need a straight-talking criminal defense attorney who doesn’t fear going to trial. Harvey Slovis keeps a limited caseload so that he can give complicated cases the attention they deserve, protecting his clients’ rights through every stage of their cases.

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