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Acquittal murder one case

Acquittal on a murder one case where the witness identified my client as the shooter and knew him for 7 years.  The def absconded right after the shooting and the co defendant who was just there got 18 years.  Now when I was younger I thought I was the best cross examiner in the world but other lawyers who were not so good got fame and props . Now I do not care at all what anyone thinks or feels even at my age, I am the best cross examiner, it is pure MAGIC and I am better than I ever was and it is not the verdict that make me joyous . It is the talent that G-D has given me and sustained me and saved me from horrible illnesses that makes me joyous.

Cross examination

Best cross examination by any lawyer anywhere, so good that she admitted she screwed up and I thanked her for her honesty while preventing the slaughter of an innocent.  As my dear father said; your better than many and as good any.

Not guilty in 20 minutes

Not guilty 20 minutes. I am humble, but I must admit I am the bomb on driving while intoxicated.  Cop stopped a black man for illegal turn and arrested for suspended licenses.  Only a faint smell of alcohol and would not get out of car, profiling cop asked to search the car my client takes the filth.  Taken to 28th pct and never told he was arrested for intoxicated driving.  Three hours later the was warned about his license, he freaks refuses to take breathalyzer he say three hour ago I drunk come on man.  DA attempted to argue he confessed.  Legal aid could have tried this case with same result.