Health Care Fraud

Representing Clients In New York And Nationwide

Health care and insurance fraud, including Medicaid and Medicare fraud, have become top priorities for government prosecutors. These complex white collar crimes often begin with comprehensive investigations by government agencies triggered by abnormally high billing rates, audit discrepancies or third-party allegations.

With more than 30 years of experience, criminal defense lawyer Harvey Slovis understands how to build a persuasive defense in nuanced areas of law. From his office in the Bronx, he represents individuals all over the country in health care fraud cases involving:

  • Double billing
  • Billing for services that were not provided
  • Administration of unnecessary tests
  • Upcoding or using billing codes for more complex procedures
  • Unbundling or billing separately for services offered at a preferred rate when combined
  • Receiving or providing illegal kickbacks

An Experienced Advocate For Serious Health Care Fraud Charges

Harvey Slovis is dedicated to fighting for his clients. He breaks down the charges against them and finds the weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments. Then he crafts a defense that persuasively tells his clients’ stories while encouraging the jury to protect his clients’ rights.

With an aggressive cross-examination technique, Harvey Slovis has unrivaled litigation instincts that have helped him win cases that other lawyers believed were impossible. His fearless approach to trial and his meticulous scrutiny of criminal charges enable him to protect clients facing even the most serious charges of fraud.

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