A Zealous Defense For High-Stakes Theft Cases

Allegations of theft involving valuable property can carry harsh consequences, including extended prison sentences. New York City criminal defense lawyer Harvey Slovis defends individuals accused of theft crimes, protecting their rights both before and during trial.

With more than 30 years of experience, Harvey Slovis has proven his abilities as a high-caliber criminal defense attorney. He has an aggressive advocacy style that complements his fearless approach to trial. With the skill and ability to defend clients in high-stakes cases, Harvey Slovis offers comprehensive defense representation to individuals charged with theft crimes involving:

  • Bank robberies
  • Jewel thefts
  • Museum heists
  • High-asset burglary
  • Embezzlement

A Dynamic Advocate For Clients Nationwide

What truly sets Harvey Slovis apart is his ability to connect with a jury. He distills convoluted evidence into a persuasive story, illuminating for the jury the areas where the prosecution has not fully proven their case. His ability to appeal to the intelligence of jurors with his dynamic advocacy style makes him an effective defense advocate.

If you have been accused of theft involving large quantities of money, priceless artwork, antiques or expensive assets, you need an elite trial lawyer like Harvey Slovis. With his hard-hitting cross-examination skills and well-planned strategies, he can help you protect your future and your rights.

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